A portfolio in the matter of flexibility and creativity

Laser cutting, plasma cutting, shearing, edging and processing. We explain these operations in dimensions concerning lengths, widths and strengths which are not ordinary in the market.

There are Metal converter - and there is WiRoPa. We deform not only, we bring metal in form. Precisely the form which our customers wish.

Our laser cutting machine is equipped with an endlessly rotating head, which allows it to attach positive and negative chamfer to 50 degrees for a total length up to 38,000 mm and a width up to 5000 mm.

We offer the plasma reaping with two guts heads in treatment widths to 5,000 mm and lengths to 38,000 mm. Both machines can be used, because they work on a 65-m-long career, generally up to a length of 13,000 mm. Laser reaping and plasma reaping are finished thus in an operation. At the moment this is unique in the market.

The two press brakes with a length of 10,200 mm each can be operated in tandem mode, thereby allowing the canting of profiles up to a length of 20,400 mm in one piece. With 2,500 tonnes force of pressure, these machines can create profiles with thicknesses of up to 40 mm

With our both guillotine shears we are able to cut tins up to a length of 8 m and a strength to 13 mm easily.

These are all manufacturing capabilities that are particularly rail trucks, crane construction, shipbuilding and wind power plant beneficial. The dimensions much too avoid many welds. Where others piece together or capitulate even, there we get cracking.

Well if the machine park can master the most common requirements. However, it is also important to have good staff in the area processing, in all types of techniques such as drilling, punching, chamfering, welding, galvanizing, coating and blasting. With it we offer the customer the opportunity to produce complete components with us.

The possibilities, the WiRoPa his customer, besides, offers are not ordinary. No matter whether simple U or C-profile, sheet metal cutting, fuel cutting or laser cutting, curved folding sheets or in unusual shapes, widths, and strengths - the experts for the service in steel always find a solution for the special wishes of their customers. Find solutions, is the work order which the WiRoPa employees put every day anew with commitment and creativity themselves.