Laser cutting - precise and fast

The newest technical addition in WiRoPa’s machine park is the “IMPULS 40“. It can generate laser cuts up to 12,500 mm x 3,000 mm x 25 mm. Processing work pieces of such dimensions is super-fast and highly precise. “IMPULS 40“ is a numerically controlled laser cutting machine with flying optics for flat sheet metal. The cutting head moves along three axes: X, Y and Z. A sled mounted on a mobile gantry moves along the x-axis (range 3,100 mm).

The gantry moves along the y-axis over a distance of 4,050 mm. The z-axis with cutting head is located in the sled of the x-axis. The z-axis (range 280 mm) allows the cutting head to follow the sheet metal’s unevenness. These features enable the machining of work pieces with greatest precision.

An additional WiRoPa sheet metal processing centre allows the simultaneous operation of laser cutting and plasma cutting along a 65 meters long and five meters wide track. This is a unique capability, not provided by anyone else in the market. The continuous rotation panning head allows the machining of positive and negative chamfers of up to 50°.