Drums and reels all the way to truly enormous dimensions

WiRoPa offers great flexibility due to its machine park with focus on steel service for large dimensions, no matter if it is about the production of small drums or the giant reels required in the off-shore sector, as one-offs or series production. That is precisely the strength that WiRoPa can offer its customers in the manufacturing of extra-large work pieces.

During the production of drums and reels, the customer sets the standards and it immediately goes “just in Time“ into production. This applies to winding materials and formats, high load capacity and tensile forces of up to 50 tonnes. Planning, static calculation and production take place in 3D and can be realised in the short term, thanks to warehouse stocks of about 2,000 tonnes.

WiRoPa guarantees its customers in the process a continuous documentation, quality assurance and inspection through its own welding department, DIN ISO certification and TÜV Certification of Remarking. Features that are becoming more important for many projects - and again a competitive advantage over many competitors.