When machining quality is a top priority

Continuous operation of production facilities and the resulting high loads caused by centrifugal and tensile forces pose particular demands on quality and manufacturing of machine reels.  During the operation of manufacturing plants, small manufacturing tolerances assure a high production security for the user.

Apart from state-of-the-art machinery, well-trained, qualified and motivated employees are an indispensable enabler for the precision to be achieved. WiRoPa covers both factors, machinery and personnel, und through its collaboration with OEMs and customers during the production of machine reels assures a high manufacturing quality. And of course, this manufacturing quality is documented continuously as part of the quality management of this specialized welding company.

A reel is not the same as a reel, WiRoPa’s engineers know that and offer customized solutions for all applications - no matter if it is reels with bearings incl. axes, covered flanges and cores (carpet, VA, plastics, screw-connection, glued or welded), constructions in frames or with guide tubes – all required solutions are tailored to the customers’ demands.