Decades of experiences alongside with you

Off-shore conditions usually are rough. This presents particular challenges for the production of drums for off-shore use; after all, they must withstand these conditions and protect the winding material as best as possible. In addition, drum manufacturers must account for the magnitude and frequency of loads for off-shore drums which presents unique design challenges. 

WiRoPa feels right at home in just this domain, handling large dimensions. Where other manufacturers throw in the towel because of size, weight or design, WiRoPa just gets going. We look for the best solution for a problem with engineering spirit.

Compliance with off-shore construction is as much a pre-condition as is the design and production according to DNV regulations. Together with the customer, we design the off-shore drums and check for feasibility. Very large tensile forces for core barrels and pushers as well as maximum material loads customarily are hard criteria for drums and also for loading equipment. It is assuring to have a partner alongside with you who has decades of experience in large-dimension steel processing.