Not scared of 600 tonnes of payload

The features and potential application of shipping reels are as diverse as the versions that WiRoPa builds as one-offs or in series for the protection of winding materials during transport. In doing so, designs for very high unit weights ranging from 0.5 to 600 tonnes payload can be achieved. Of course, such reels can also be manufactured for even more robust uses as multi-use reels.

The sometimes extra-large shipping reels are built and designed for each material to be transported. Multiple flanges per reel are possible, as are flange lead-throughs to direct the winding material outwards or towards the core.

A galvanized reel version is appropriate for multi-use reels. Casing fold, foldable flanges for road transport, casings, design for high tensile forces, with guide tubes or loading equipment for distribution of foundation pressure – everything a customer requires for the save and optimum transport of his winding materials can be specially tailored during the manufacturing of reels for all types of applications.