Verifying our own quality expectations

Demanding extreme dimensions, maximum conditions, highest quality demands or minimum time windows – none of these are knock-out criteria for WiRoPa, on the contrary. These constraints are motivation and opportunity at the same time to act out our passion. Where other companies meet their limits technologically or staff-wise and have to throw in the towel, we energetically get going. We face tricky customer demands daily, again and again, with engineering spirit.

When it is about technological advances, then we will find and master them. And if things are impossible, we will find a way to come close to a solution. This is not magic but customer orientation. This way, products are generated that convince the customer by their quality matched with on-time performance.

But we do not rest on our laurels. We rely on technology leadership and actively drive innovative developments. This places us in a position where we can offer our customers decisive advantages, particularly in the production of over-sized work pieces, placing them ahead of their competition..

Ahead of your competition.

And at WiRoPa, we do not just talk about quality. The certification according to “ISO 9001:2008“ provides customers the transparent and objective observation of our performances in laser cutting, plasma cutting, canting and processing. A full documentation, quality assurance and inspection through our own welding department as well as TÜV Certificate of Remarking are additional quality criteria ofincreasing importance for our customers.