Our own design office and metal specialists full of ideas

There are orders that can be processed routinely, with minimum machine use. No uncertainties, no tricky demands, no extensive briefings. And there are orders that demand long preparation, planning and preparatory work.
We are perfectly prepared for everything. We have our own design office, experienced engineers and creative metal specialists.
Equally important is our network. Correspondingly, we are well-positioned in metal processing. Boring, stamping, chamfering, welding, galvanizing, coating or blasting are only some of the processes that our customers can also access.

What should also be mentioned is our warehouse. In order to provide short lead times to our customers, we stock sheet metal of many customary dimensions and qualities. This also applies to stainless steels and Aluminium. As a member of the Lichtgitter Group, we have access to first-class material procurement routes and truly outstanding synergies in galvanizing and steel services.